Compensation Consulting Alternatives
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Compensation Consulting Alternatives (CCA) provides a broad range of compensation-related consulting services to for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations throughout the United States as well as globally based firms.

As a boutique consulting firm, we offer a cost-effective alternative to the large consulting companies. We can complete a critical project or be an extension of your existing human resources staff.

Some of the key areas in which we can provide support include:

Competitive Market Pricing

  • We can conduct a competitive market analysis for a single position, a job family/department or the entire organization. We will discuss your target pay position and work with you to identify and interpret the market data to reflect the unique job responsibilities in your organization.
Salary Structure Design
  • We can review your existing salary range structure and validate its competitiveness against the current market for your industry and geographic area. If your organization currently operates without the benefit of a salary structure, we can work together to design one that best fits the needs of your organization and aligns with your compensation philosophy. 

Custom Salary Surveys

  • As a third party firm, we can design a survey tool to collect competitive salary data for selected positions within unique industries or among a specific group of competitor organizations.
  • CCA conducts a national web-based salary survey     for clinical laboratory positions among healthcare organizations and clinical laboratories in key metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.